Lawyers who specialise in apartment law

Do you have questions about matters such as the interpretation of a deed of division, or are you considering claiming a substitute power of attorney through the courts because of a resolution passed by the owners’ association’s general membership meeting? If so, then you will need the services of a lawyer specialising in apartment law and owners’ association law. As a client of Hielkema & co, you can benefit from the knowledge of our lawyers who specialise in the areas of apartment law and owners’ association law.

Deeds of division

Most disputes under apartment law concern the interpretation and application of deeds of division. Deeds of division, which are often drawn up based on model regulations, lay down the rules governing how apartment law is applied. For instance, subdividing an apartment right or room-based letting is not permitted. Deeds of division are often difficult to understand, so when interpreting or disputing this kind of deed, it is advisable to engage a lawyer who specialises in apartment law Small differences in the deed of division, sometimes even a single letter, make a big difference when it comes to the law.

Owners’ associations

Our lawyers regularly advise on and litigate disputes involving owners’ associations. We also regularly assist the board of owners’ associations in disputes with contractors that they have engaged for major maintenance. Frequently asked questions include:

  • Can a member of an owners’ association build an extension or structure without permission?
  • Can rooms in a residence be rented based on a deed of division?
  • How can an owners’ association’s resolution be overturned?
  • What is the difference between a structural division and subdivision?
  • Can the owners’ association forbid holiday or Airbnb rentals?
  • Lead pipelines and the owners’ association: who is liable?

Our lawyers also handle various questions relating to matters such as renovations and the role of the owners’ association. We also regularly advise on the service charges levied against members of the owners’ association. Our lawyers specialising in apartment law can advise you properly and clearly on these issues.

Owners’ association lawyers at Hielkema & co

Our lawyers are familiar with all the ins and outs of apartment law and owners’ association law. You will also benefit from our in-depth legal knowledge of property law. Our lawyers have a clear picture of the entire playing field, so all your interests, alongside your legal interests, are taken into consideration in our advice. We have been assisting clients throughout the Netherlands for decades, on issues concerning apartment rights and owners’ associations. If you have any legal questions, then please contact us without obligation at +31 (0)85 – 7822820 or complete the form.