Government law

The lawyers at Hielkema & co are specialists in all fields where the government and real estate intersect.  Hielkema & co has years of experience in administrative and environmental and planning law. We assist property owners as well as government authorities.

We assess the public-law aspects of property transactions, we assist with applications for environmental permits, we conduct proceedings in the enforcement of zoning plans, and negotiate with municipalities on the establishment of anterior agreements.

Zoning plans
The government lays down the potential uses and thus the value of buildings in zoning plans. Hielkema & co advises and litigates in disputes concerning the interpretation of zoning regulations and zoning plan revisions.

The law offers various options for deviating from the zoning plan based on an environmental permit. Hielkema & co advises developers and builders on permit procedures with the shortest processing time and the lowest investigation charges.

Permit under the Environment and Planning Act
In virtually all cases, you need an environmental permit from the municipality for building or transforming real estate. If an environmental permit that you applied for has been unduly rejected, or if a permit has been granted that will have significant consequences for your property, then the lawyers at Hielkema & co can advise you and litigate on the legitimacy of environmental permits. This includes building aesthetics criteria, the Building Decree, the interpretation of the zoning plan and construction options that do not require planning permission.

Project development
Hielkema & co assists project developers in minor and major redevelopments and conversions into housing. The lawyers at Hielkema & co assist developers from the planning stage and the issuing of permits, all the way through to entering into construction contracts. They assess the residential construction possibilities in relation to the zoning plan, the ladder for sustainable urbanisation, planning blight, nitrogen and other environmental law aspects.

Contracting with government authorities
The lawyers at Hielkema & co have broad experience when it comes to entering into contracts with the government. Hielkema & co draws up purchase agreements with municipalities, anterior agreements for cost recovery for land exploitation and other cooperation agreements between the private sector and government agencies. In the process, we closely follow current developments, including the distribution of scarce public rights when it concerns land allocation.

Hielkema & co: specialists in the buying and selling of real estate

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