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specialising in property law and tenancy law

Capable, committed and creative

If your business or organisation deals with property in any capacity, Amsterdam-based law firm Hielkema & co is your ideal legal partner. As a highly specialised law firm with in-depth expertise in property law and tenancy law, we are eager to use our expertise and experience to improve your legal position. We abide by the credo that there is always room for improvement. Our specific focus is in advice and litigation, but we are radically different from other firms in that we go far beyond that.

We train and educate legal professionals

Our lawyers provide these courses and training programmes at leading educational institutions in  our area of specialisation: property law, with an emphasis on tenancy law for commercial and residential properties for judges, fellow lawyers, and other legal professionals. We also contribute to the specialiced training programme offered by the Dutch Association of Landlord and Tenant Law Practitioners (Vereniging van Huurrecht Advocaten).

We publish professional literature

Our lawyers are experts and regularly publish articals covering issues affecting our clients. We also serve on the editorial boards of some of the most influential publications in our field (including books, journals, etc.).

We contribute to lawmaking

We also bring to court novel cases in order to explore the bounds of property law and as well as to improve our clients’ legal position. We analyse  and comment on draft legislation in opinion pieces appearing in legal journals and through the Tenancy Law Advisory Committee of the Dutch Bar Association (Orde van Advocaten).

We provide the quality services that you expect

Our high and diversified level of involvement has made us the undisputed expert in property law and tenancy law in the Netherlands. We stay on top of – and can quickly anticipate – new trends and developments in our field (and can caution and protect our clients against any pitfalls). In some cases we create and instigate change ourselves – always with the underlying objective of providing you with services of unparalleled quality.

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